How To Oil Your Paper Shredder

Your paper shredder need to be oiled if used frequently, otherwise I will stop working or breaking down soon. This article will going through how to lubrican your shredder.

How often should you oil your shredders ?

How often should you oil your shredders will depends on several factor

  • Types of paper shredders: each one will need to be oiled differently, for instance, micro cut shredders and cross cut shredders require more frequent oiling than strip shredders since they have more blades and create more paper dust. Micro cut shredders ideally need to be oil after 15 minute working.
  • How often you shred ? If you shred things frequently, you have to oil the machine often to make it function properly. Otherwise if you just shred occasionally you will need less maintenance.
  • What you shred and what are the amount you shred?  What types of paper you shred, do you shred CD, credit card ? Do you shred large amount of paper ? Shredding large amount of thick paper, CD and credit card means you will need to oil the shredders more often.
  • It’s highly recommended that you should oil your shredders whenever you empty the waste basket, or at least once a month.

The wrong oil can damage the machine

Don’t use the wrong oil if you want your shredder running smoothly and properly. Using the oil that approved or recommended by manufacture is the best way to lubricate a paper shredder.

Shredding methods

Basically there are two ways of oiling paper shredders.

a.The paper method:

This method is used more in common since it’s easier to do and will limit the excess oil.

1. You will need an undamaged A4 paper and oil designated for shredders use.

2. Use an A4 paper and pill oil on it. This piece of paper should not be marred or damage, otherwise it will mess the shredder up.

3. Turn the shredder on. Then shred oiled A4 paper. By that ways, the oil will be absorb by the shredder blades

4. When’s done. Shredding a few more paper to remove any excess oil from the cutting assembly

b.The paperless method

Basically you won’t need any piece of paper. This method will remove the dust from the blades effectibely.

  1. Switch off the shredder.
  2. Spray or squirt oil in a stream into the paper entry and across the shredder blades. It will take 1-2 second to oil across the blade opening.
  3. Turn on the machine and let it start in reserve mode for 10-20 seconds so that the oil will be distributed to all part of the cutting assembly.
  4. Final step is also shredding some papers to remove excess oil.

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